The WD-40® of Animal Health

By Alexander Hintz, DVM


A quick internet search for WD-40® brings up a page claiming more than 2,000 uses for the simple product. CTC doesn’t quite carry the same number of applications, but, as one of the most dependable, longest-serving and most versatile antibiotics in our toolbox, I think it comes pretty close.

CTC has a wide range of label indications for swine including both enteric and respiratory pathogens.

  • Pennchlor® 64 (chlortetracycline HCl soluble powder) is labeled for the control and treatment of Bacterial enteritis ( coli and Salmonella spp.) and bacterial pneumonia (Pasteurella spp.) Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, and Klebsiella spp.).
  • Pennchlor (Chlortetracycline) medicated feed articles (MFA’s) also include the treatment of leptospirosis in breeding swine and jowl abscesses caused by Group E Streptococci, while still being indicated for bacterial enteritis ( coli and Salmonella choleraesuis) and bacterial pneumonia caused by Pasteurella multocida.
  • Pennchlor MFA’s also have a combination clearance for the use with Tiamulin, indicated for the treatment of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae, bacterial enteritis, and bacterial pneumonia when used in combination.

Few molecules in the animal health marketplace have such broad-spectrum efficacy while also including multiple routes of administration and the flexibility of use in different stages of swine production.

A multi-species solution

Along with the label indications for swine, Pennchlor 64 is approved for use in calves, beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cattle, as well as chickens and growing turkeys. Pennchlor MFA’s are approved for use in chickens, turkeys, calves, beef cattle, and non-lactating dairy cattle, as well as sheep. For specific label indications and Pennchlor MFA concentrations available, please visit

Pharmgate Animal Health offers the broadest range of CTC products for swine and other species in the animal health industry. Pennchlor 64 and the Pennchlor medicated feed articles are a well-recognized name in the field with applications for swine, cattle, and other species. Along with the Pennchlor brand, a new addition to Pharmgate’s portfolio this year is Deracin® medicated feed article, which broadens the label indications and combination applications for cattle.

The vast array of applications and indications make Chlortetracycline the WD-40 of the animal health industry. A simple, time-tested molecule that maintains its strength and efficacy, CTC is a solid, responsible antibiotic choice for swine veterinarians.

As we approach the spring disease season, make sure to keep CTC a top option to maintain and regain the health of your pigs. Chlortetracycline has been around for well over 50 years in the animal health industry and continues to pack a punch today.

If you need help calculating the proper label dosage for Pennchlor 64 for swine (as well as Pennox 343 and Aivlosin WSG in swine), you will find a nifty calculator here.