PRRSGard® vaccine now available in U.S. market

Modified-live PRRS vaccine has innovative chimeric construction.

WILMINGTON, N.C. [Sept. 23, 2020] – Pharmgate Animal Health is pleased to announce PRRSGard®, an innovative, modified-live vaccine, is available broadly in the U.S. market.

PRRSGard® is a 1.0 milliliter, single-dose recombinant chimeric vaccine for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRSV). It features:

  • An attenuated, lineage 1 PRRSV strain as a vaccine backbone, and
  • A virulent, contemporary lineage 1 PRRSV field isolate, MN 1-8-4

A non-encoding RNA sequence is inserted into the genome. This unique genetic marker allows diagnostic assay differentiation from “wild-type” virus strains.

Demonstrated performance

Pharmgate Animal Health has worked with researchers and customers to test PRRSGard® beyond research needed for licensing. Trials show that PRRSGard® has low vaccine virus shed and spread, broad cross-strain immunity, and reduced lung lesions and viremia following a challenge. It has been shown to reduce performance loss from pneumonia associated with PRRSV in growing pigs.[1]


PRRSV: a costly and evolving challenge

The PRRS virus costs the U.S. pork industry an estimated $664 million annually.[2] This figure has been hard to reduce, partly due the continued evolution of PRRSV.

“PRRSV continues to be a costly disease and difficult to control in herds,” says Jeff OKones, technical services veterinarian with Pharmgate Animal Health. PRRSGard® is an innovative new tool created by Pharmgate’s product development team for veterinarians and producers to utilize in their herd health protocols to optimize pig performance in the face of PRRSV.”

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[1] Pharmgate Animal Health studies; reports on file

[2] Holtkamp, Derald. 2001. Assessment of the Economic Impact of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus on U.S. Pork Producer. National Pork Board