Pharmgate and Cambridge Technologies enter a collaborative strategic alliance

Pharmgate and Cambridge are pleased to announce an agreement between the companies. This agreement provides a platform from which the parties can provide commercial, autogenous and prescription vaccine solutions to veterinarians and producers in the US and around the world. Colin Gray, CEO and President of Pharmgate is quoted as saying ‘’this is an exciting agreement embodying the commitment of both companies to providing services and solutions to the global market place. Our research and development teams will collaborate and work together under this agreement in designing future and wide-ranging disease solutions benefiting sustained and prudent animal husbandry practices. The overarching goal is to remain flexible and nimble with the power and ability to react to disease challenges in providing quality, safe and effective best in class products in a timely and responsive way”.

According to Randy Simonson, CEO, Cambridge Technologies, “This agreement represents an exciting collaboration that will bring breakthrough technology to veterinarians and producers for the management of disease. The ever-changing landscape of animal health creates an opportunity for two forward thinking companies like ours to come together and raise the bar in the science of vaccinology.” Pharmgate LLC, a subsidiary of Jinhe Biotechnology, was established in 2008 with a view to becoming a gateway for global animal health biological, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products servicing the global market place. In close cooperation with our parent and partners, Pharmgate utilizes its manufacturing and regulatory expertise by partnering with forward thinking manufacturers of popular animal health products. Pharmgate adds value to its partners through its US based capabilities in manufacturing, formulation development, regulatory affairs, marketing and distribution. This expertise provides manufacturers and partners with direct access to these important animal health markets.

Pharmgate’s mission is to partner with other manufacturers in order to streamline the flow of high quality, regulatory compliant and affordable animal health products to the end user, the animal feed producer and farmer.

Cambridge Technologies is a precision diagnostics and autogenous vaccine company recently founded in Worthington, Minnesota. The experienced team at Cambridge provides a full service diagnostic laboratory including next generation sequencing and quality autogenous vaccine manufacturing. Our goal is to use our experience and technology to help veterinarians and producers find solutions to emerging and evolving diseases.

Pharmgate LLC, 1800 Sir Tyler Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405

Cambridge Technologies, 1525 Bioscience Dr., Worthington, MN 56187