Aivlosin® Water Soluble Granules containing the novel macrolide antibiotic, tylvalosin, now authorized for use in swine in the USA.

September 1, 2012 — ECO Animal Health Ltd of London, UK and its North American distribution joint venture, Pharmgate Animal Health are pleased to announce the US approval of ECO’s new macrolide antibiotic, Aivlosin® Water Soluble Granules, containing tylvalosin. Aivlosin is the only water medication approved for the control of porcine proliferative enteritis (PPE) associated with Lawsonia intracellularis infection in swine that does not require complementary treatment in the feed.

The granules are administered continuously in drinking water for five consecutive days at an inclusion rate of 50 ppm to provide 5mg tylvalosin per kg body weight daily1 thus offering both a low dose rate and short treatment duration.

Tylvalosin is rapidly absorbed, widely distributed to target tissues, extensively metabolized and rapidly excreted. It thus lends itself to situations where rapid treatment in the face of acute outbreaks is required. No withdrawal period is required before slaughter – another benefit when breakdowns occur in late finishing. The in-water delivery system also offers the farmer the flexibility to treat individual pens or barns—features that are not often possible with in-feed medications.

In a North American multi-center 28-day study2 using the Winkelman challenge model, clinical scores and lesion scores were significantly reduced in treated pigs. There were no deaths due to PPE in the treated pigs compared with 14.9% deaths in the unmedicated controls. Average Daily Gain and Feed Conversion were also significantly improved by Aivlosin treatment. Initial commercial scale experience in Canada reflects a similar picture, with a resulting high adoption rate among those evaluating the product.

Edward Seed, General Manager of Pharmgate Animal Health, summarizes: “Aivlosin Water Soluble Granules offer the swine producer a rapid, cost effective and flexible solution for the control of subclinical, chronic and acute cases of ileitis in pigs with a zero day withdrawal period. Importantly, with global concerns about the use of antibiotics this new treatment with its therapeutic dose rate and short treatment time fulfills the requirements for judicious use of antimicrobials”.

Aivlosin® is a registered trademark of ECO Animal Health Ltd.
1ECO Animal Health study report EFF.US.050080 on file.


Edward Seed +1 201 237 3800