Covid 19 impact updates

Update: Sept. 2021

Covid-19, in addition to causing untold human suffering, has also severely impacted global supply chains across industries. Global multi-modal shipping bottlenecks are now impacting our ability to provide some finished goods. We are working diligently to overcome these hurdles and are committed to being as transparent as possible as together we work through these unprecedented issues. Thank you for your understanding, cooperation , and patience.

Edward Seed, Global VP of Sale and Marketing

March 2020
Keeping animals healthy is critical to keeping our food supply safe and available. With the COVID-19 pandemic,  the US Department of Homeland Security has designated animal health and veterinary supplies as being part of the critical infrastructure.

Pharmgate continues to produce and has adequate supply of our full product range which enable veterinarians and livestock producers to keep animals healthy and ensure the safe flow of food to the nation’s tables.

We remain committed to the health, safety and well-being of our employees, customers, their families and animals while continuing to provide our high-quality products.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust any actions accordingly aligning with all regulatory authorities related to supply, travel, quarantine, meetings and events.

We are all in this together; Pharmgate will do our part to ensure a safe and available food supply.

Colin Gray, President & CEO