Save even more on a per pig basis

When is the rebate available?

The rebate program for qualifying purchases runs from September 1, 2022, through November 30, 2022.

Who's eligible?

Any U.S. pork producer who is invoiced for product purchases and not on a specific Pharmgate product contract is eligible for this rebate.

What do I get?

Eligible pork producers will receive a rebate on qualifying purchases. Rebate forms must be submitted by December 31, 2022:

  • $4/pkg on Aivlosin® WSG 160 (62.5% w/w Tylvalosin as Tylvalosin Tartrate)
  • $10/pkg Aivlosin®(62.5% w/w Tylvalosin as Tylvalosin Tartrate) WSG 400 (62.5% w/w Tylvalosin as Tylvalosin Tartrate)
  • $0.05 per mL on Tulissin® 25 (tulathromycin injection) injectable solution (all vial sizes)
  • $0.15 per mL on Tulissin® 100 (tulathromycin injection) injectable solution (all vial sizes)
  • $0.08 per mL on Tenotryl Injectable Solution (all vial sizes)

Rebate will be paid via a prepaid gift card from Pharmgate within 90 days from the conclusion of the program. The maximum rebate is $1,000 per producer.

How do I participate?

To Act Fast, purchase qualifying products. Then visit PharmgateRebate.com, fill out the online submission form and upload your proof of purchase and submit it digitally. Producers may also mail in a rebate form with proof of purchase.

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Pharmgate reserves the right to audit all submissions.
This program cannot be combined with other programs.

By completing the form, you agree to receive emails and other communications from Pharmgate Animal Health about products that may be of interest to you. You may withdraw consent at any time.


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