Pharmgate announces new appointments.

August 10, 2012 – Pharmgate Animal Health is pleased to announce the appointment of Edward Seed as General Manager. Having started his career in South Africa with Elanco in product development and technical support, Ed moved on to serve in regional leadership roles in Roche’s Animal Health business in Europe and North America, as well as Alpharma’s International Sales and Swine Business Unit. He has spent the past 2½ years assisting in the startup of Pharmgate LLC and its marketing joint venture, Pharmgate Animal Health.

Doug Rupp has been named Vice President, Regulatory Affairs of Pharmgate LLC. Doug will direct all development projects and serve as the company representative to all local and international government agencies on behalf of Pharmgate. He brings over 20 years of past R&D experience in the Animal Health industry, serving in a variety of senior leadership roles within Alpharma Animal Health, Bayer Animal Health, Ceva Animal Health and Hartz Mountain.

Dr. Dan Rosener has been appointed as Technical Services Veterinarian supporting the launch of Aivlosin Water Soluble Granules and future products in the North American market. Dr. Rosener started out in private practice as owner of Point Veterinary Clinic and has worked in the Animal Health and Nutrition industry for the past 20 years, including with Lallemand, Danisco, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

The company also welcomes Kara Liss as Customer Service Manager. After graduating with a degree in Business Management, Kara spent the first 14 years of her career with Alpharma Animal Health where she served as Customer Service Manager. Kara is well known to animal health product purchasers for her diligent and professional approach to maintaining a flawless supply of product.

About Pharmgate Animal Health

Pharmgate Animal Health LLC is the joint venture between Pharmgate LLC, the majority-owned US subsidiary of Jinhe Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the world leader in the production of chlortetracycline feed grade, chlortetracycline hydrochloride, salinomycin and ECO Animal Health, London U.K., a leader in the development, registration and marketing of pharmaceutical products for global animal health markets including the novel macrolide antibiotic, Aivlosin®, as well as a range of generic therapeutic products.

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