Pharmgate and ECO Animal Health Partner to Bring Leading Pharmgate Animal Health Swine Vaccines to Europe

(April 4, 2018) – Pharmgate LLC, a leading global animal health organization based in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA and ECO Animal Health Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ECO Animal Health Group plc, today are pleased to announce the formation of a new joint venture, ECO-Pharm Limited, based in the Republic of Ireland.

ECO-Pharm Limited will be responsible for the registration, marketing, sale and distribution of a number of Pharmgate LLC swine vaccine products in the United Kingdom, the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States, with the addition of further geographies currently under review.  It is also expected that further vaccine products will flow from our biologicals research and development pipeline.

“This is another important moment in the evolution of Pharmgate and our relationship with ECO,” said Colin Gray, President and CEO of Pharmgate. “We share a progressive approach to the global market in providing products and services that meet the everyday needs of the farmer and veterinarian.

“Our quality and streamlined supply chain, cost conscious operational approach and extensive technical services and research are at the foundation of our values.”

Pharmgate and ECO have jointly established Pharmgate Animal Health in the United States of America (2010) and Canada (2011). These successful operations market their owners’ range of extensively used medicated feed additives and innovative new therapeutic compounds for livestock and poultry. Pharmgate has recently licensed and commercialised their swine vaccine products in North America through these joint ventures.

“Pharmgate shares ECO’s marketing philosophy and pursuit of lean and agile field operations and is an excellent partner in North America,” said Peter Lawrence, Chairman of ECO Animal Health Group plc. “We are delighted to be embarking on this new venture.”

According to Lawrence, vaccines represent 30 percent of the total market value of the European animal health sector. Pharmgate’s range of biologicals will complement ECO’s current product portfolio of antimicrobial and antiparasitic products for swine, adding to the company’s ability to satisfy pork producers’ needs with a full suite of products.

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About Pharmgate LLC

Pharmgate LLC is the majority-owned US subsidiary of Jinhe Biotechnology Co., Ltd., P. R. China, the world leader in the production of chlortetracycline and other fermentation compounds, and more recently, the majority owner of Hangzhou UBEN Animal Vaccine Co., Ltd., a company manufacturing and supplying vaccines to the domestic market in China.

About ECO Animal Health Ltd

ECO Animal Health based in London U.K. is a leader in the development, registration and marketing of pharmaceutical products for global animal health markets. Its products for these growth markets promote well-being in animals and include the novel antimicrobial, Aivlosin®, as well as a range of generic therapeutic products.